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Finding Luck with Roland McCray

This is the second volume of the “The Adventures of Roland McCray” Series, and consistently gets Five Star reviews!
These stories follow Roland McCray into those angst-ridden teen years. Roland, no longer a child but not yet an adult, learns the pain of loss and the indescribable joy of first love. He begins to understand the need of forgiveness and acceptance in the face of an often confusing world. Enticed by more temptations than ever, Roland still seeks that quiet morality of his grandfather, that faith that isn’t displayed to the world, but is a quiet and unwavering belief that all things work for the good of those who seek good. But he begins to realize that to find that good, that “narrow path” to God, he may have to turn his back on his religion. Each chapter is a complete story, but taken together, his experiences form a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts. Roland’s story ends on an upbeat, hopeful note as he realizes that he’s had the answers all along. If you enjoy coming-of-age stories that help you remember what it was like to be a teenager, seeing through the world through multiple lenses while coming to grips with the realities of life, then this is the perfect book!
This book will quickly pull you into Roland’s world and the struggles of being a teenager, but it is ultimately a satisfying and truly inspiring story that will leave you with a new view of the beauty that is life! It consistently ranks in the top 100 Best Seller (in the top 50, actually) in these categories:
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And is among the top ten best rated books in those categories. Roland’s story ends on an upbeat, hopeful note as he realizes that he’s had the answers all along. If you enjoy coming-of-age stories that help you remember what it was like to be a teenager, seeing through the world through multiple lenses while coming to grips with the realities of life, then this is the perfect book! Available at Amazon, Amazon UK, and iTunes.

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Reviews:5.0 out of 5 stars Roland is back!
“After reading Blaine Coleman’s first set of Roland McCray stories (Tunnels in the Briar Patch), I was already looking forward to the next set of stories and Mr. Coleman did not disappoint.
Roland is now considerably older than in the first book and the stories are told through the eyes of the teenager. The stories are well written and captivating. Throughout the set of stories, Roland experiences a wide range of emotions from loss to love, all of which are told in a way that the reader can empathize right along with Roland.
The stories are set in the southern United States circa the 1960’s as Roland grows up, comes of age and learns valuable life lessons. I didn’t grow up in this era or location but the stories are so well told that I can easily relate.
Well done. This book is highly recommended, although I’d suggest Tunnels in the Briar Patch first. While this book does stand on its own, I think seeing the progression from youth to adolescence was nice.

Five Stars! Great stories of coming of age!
“Wow! Blaine Coleman knows how to write. There are five stories within that progress the life of Roland McCray, and takes you along for the ride. The stories in this book are compelling. His scene description brings you right into the story. The Wood Duck made me feel like I was going into the woods with Roland each morning. Some of the stories are hard to take; I cried during A Boy and His Dog. I was excited for Roland while reading Saturday Night at the Drive-in. There is something in here for everyone to relate to I’m sure. I look forward to following Roland as he continues to grow and Blaine lets us follow him.”Another winner!
“This is the second book I’ve read by the author. The first, Tunnels in the Briar Patch (Tales of Roland McCray), is also excellent. This one, Finding Luck with Ronald McCray, by Blaine Coleman is another winner. Roland is older now and the adventure continues. A simpler time, less wonder than the first book but more keen observations. Drift into the story, you’ll be glad you did. Highly recommended – five-stars”

Five Stars! An Inspiring read
“I believe everyone has come across in their lifetime their own version of Roland McCray. As a mother of 2 boys or shall I say men as they are 18 and 20 this book helped me realize where they’re coming from and they are so similar to Roland, character wise, I felt like I was reading about them. I plan on reading more books by this author because I’ve enjoyed this book VERY MUCH and couldn’t put it down.”

“This is a great book, perfect for young teens. The author makes you feel right in contact with nature. Roland is a young teenager. He hunts animals for the need of food. He realizes it is wrong to kill them and stops. He has his first experience of love with the girl whom he loves, right under the stars. He has his own ideas of God and religion. He puts his beliefs into practice, when he realizes the timing for everything that happens in his life, and how God watches over him, by creating situations which are beneficial to him.”

Five Stars! Joy to Read, Highly Recommended
“If I had to choose a favorite scene in this book, it would be when Roland stands up to the Reverend and to his father. I think that’s an important component of becoming an adult: Discovering your own faith/ideas and being able to defend it. As with the first book, “Tunnels in the Briar Patch”, the vivid, descriptive imagery and poetic writing drew me into the story and Roland’s childhood innocence, pathos and perceptive views carry into his teen years. I hope this isn’t the last book of Roland McCray stories because I really would like to see another- even teenage Roland is a joy to know!”

Within the first pages I was drawn into the story!
“Finding Luck draws you right into what life was like for a young man growing up in the country in the 1970s. Within the first pages of “Finding Luck” I was drawn into the story and tumbled along inside a young man’s mind as he is hunting wood ducks and dealing internally with the conflict he feels about taking life. Blaine Coleman expertly paints each scene so that you experience country and farm life along with the main character, you’re drawn inside and live, for that little bit of time, as him. I highly recommend his book “Finding Luck” for those who enjoy a good coming of age story, but especially for those who grew up on a farm or in the country and wish to be transported back to a simpler time in the world. These stories are woven in such a way that you feel what the boy feels, they are not all lightness and brightness, but more like real life remembered in all of its shaded details. There is a theme of remembrance and a bit of melancholy that runs throughout the book, only serving to make it seem more real. Blaine Coleman is a master writer and I look forward to reading more of his work in the future.”

A delightful read- Five Stars!
“I really enjoyed this pleasant and well-written story about Roland McCray, someone who I’m sure everyone can relate to within themselves as I know I did when reading. It was a refreshing read, and one which I quickly got lost in within the first few pages precisely because of the nostalgic element and the wondrous, care-free days of growing up! Blaine Coleman is a talented writer and I’ll be recommending this book highly.”