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This is Book 2 of the “Adventures of Roland McCray” and, like the other books, gets consistent Five Stars reviews!
These stories follow Roland McCray into those angst-ridden teen years. Roland, no longer a child but not yet an adult, learns the pain of loss and the indescribable joy of first love. He begins to understand the need of forgiveness and acceptance in the face of an often confusing world. Enticed by more temptations than ever, Roland still seeks that quiet morality of his grandfather, that faith that isn’t displayed to the world, but is a quiet and unwavering belief that all things work for the good of those who seek good. But he begins to realize that to find that good, that “narrow path” to God, he may have to turn his back on his religion. Each chapter is a complete story, but taken together, his experiences form a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts. This book will quickly pull you into Roland’s world and the struggles of being a teenager, but it is ultimately a satisfying and truly inspiring story that will leave you with a new view of the beauty that is life! This book consistently ranks in the top 100 Best Seller (in the top 50, actually) in these categories:
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And is among the top ten best rated books in those categories.
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