A Young Man, Strong in his Convictions, Challenges Cultural and Religious Beliefs
But Fears He’ll Lose His Religion Along The Way…

This book takes a slice-of-life look at Roland McCray from ages eight to eighteen. A child during the turbulent 1960’s, Roland comes of age in the 1970’s in a town immersed in Civil War history. His family attends a small, local church and the pressure to conform to tradition and religious practices is intense. Influenced by his grandfather, he learns that faith isn’t a thing to be displayed to the world, but a way to live one’s life. He questions what he’s told by the fancy-dressed preacher and why congregants their profess faith on Sunday but don’t live it outside of church. Roland seeks his own Path, his grandfather’s unwavering faith, but soon fears he’ll have to lose his religion to find God.

“The young mister McCray relives aspects of every person’s childhood with that profound simplicity upon which complicated issues rest.”

“…a simpler time, one in which finding out who you are, discovering your strengths and weaknesses as a human being, was much less chaotic and technology-dominated than today.”

“The narrative is so detailed and realistic that it reads like an autobiography. The descriptive prose makes you feel as if you were there.”

“…universal truths are told in this book that touch upon the length, width and breadth of life.”