Let's talk about the L word!

Feeling the same you felt before even being you under the experience of a totally different occasion, an emotional replay coming from your state of rebound. Sensing the silent potential of what may happen if catalysed, the hype about it that’s scary even for someone like you, who’ve felt it all already, you think. Should I let myself feel it again? The notion of such feelings, you have it, but would someone submit to a repeated ache that reverberates throughout the same pure hollowness that sprouted once as the memories arose from you and shone the common darkness upon you, the one you got ultimately used to. Your life for a while, a long bittersweet period of self placidness.

Coming to a recovery releases the mind for what’s out there by murdering the heart’s natural tendencies, the hot unconditionality molten and glued to the borders of this ethereal piece which is rememberance, a…

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