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My currently published works are listed here, in eBook,  paperback and audiobook formats. Whether you’re an avid reader, writer, parent, teacher, student, or are merely seeking a good read, and perhaps inspiration, I think you’ll find something here for you! Order any of my books in print Directly from me and I’ll include your choice of the eBook or Audiobook FREE! (The bonus eBook does not have to be the same as the print edition ordered if you prefer more variety in your reading).
I currently have four anthologies of short stories, one of which, “Falling Water”, includes original poetry.
The other three are connected stories about a boy, Roland McCray, coming-of-age as a young man: “Tunnels in the Briar Patch”, “Finding Luck with Roland McCray” and the combined volume of those two, “Finding Roland McCray”.
*Note- “Finding Roland McCray” includes all of the stories in the first two volumes.
These nostalgic stories of Roland McCray follow his life from ages eight to eighteen as he grows up in the south and faces the religious and cultural mores, and the pressure to conform to tradition that many of us encounter in our youth. Reviewers have favorably compared these books to Salinger’s “Catcher in the Rye”, Ray Bradbury’s “Dandelion Wine” and Faulkner’s short stories!

“Tunnels in the Briar Patch”

Focuses on Roland McCray’s life in his formative years, age eight to twelve, and is suitable for middle grade, young adult and adult readers. These tales are ‘family friendly’ and impart valuable moral lessons. It is a perfect book to read to younger students or to e-read by middle-schoolers!

“Finding Luck with Roland McCray”

Takes a look at Roland in his coming of age teen years with all of the angst, doubts, and revelations teenagers face, and is more suited to teenage, young adult, and adult readers.

(Disclaimer: some of these stories contain subject matter, such as religion and sex, that may not be suitable for younger readers)

“Finding Roland McCray”

Combines the first two books into a single, convenient volume. Everything I write includes a moral lesson (I’m “old-fashioned” in that way).

(Disclaimer: some of the stories in this book contain subject matter, such as religion and sex, that may not be suitable for younger readers)

“Falling Water Stories & Poetry”

This collection, a dramatic change from the “Roland McCray” series, uses 3 short stories from “Roland McCray” along with never before published stories and and poetry to explore the length and breadth of life: hope, joy, happiness, family and love as well as the grief, loss and death, and coming to terms with suffering and the personal and spiritual growth that often follows. Although there is sadness in the vignettes, there is a thread of hope and an abiding belief of the ultimate goodness of life woven through it all.

Reviews have been great and I think everyone will find something that connects with their own lives in some or all of these tales and poems.

You might laugh, you might smile or you might cry. In short, you’ll experience Life.

Roland McCray’s Formative Years
These ten stories follow Roland’s life from ages eight to twelve, growing up during the massive social changes of the 1960’s in a southern town immersed in Civil War history. Roland learns that people aren’t always honest and that prejudice between races and religions doesn’t seem to be any different than it was a century before. These stories convey good moral lessons that every child should learn! Elements of self-discovery and a deep sense of spirituality are woven throughout this nostalgic coming of age tale.
No Longer A Child, But Not Yet An Adult
These stories follow Roland McCray into those angst-ridden teen years. Roland, no longer a child but not yet an adult, learns the pain of loss and the indescribable joy of first love. A deep sense of morality is seen in Roland’s personality as he navigates the trials and tribulations of being a teenager. This book will quickly pull you into Roland’s world and the struggles of being a teenager through an inspirational story that will leave you with a new view of life!

This book combines the first two book.

A Young Man, Strong And Confident In His Beliefs And Not Afraid To Face Life’s e a slice-of-life look at Roland McCray from ages eight to eighteen. A child during the turbulent 1960’s, Roland comes of age in the 1970’s in a town immersed in Civil War history. His family attends a small, local church and the pressure to conform to tradition and religious practices is intense. Roland seeks his own Path, his grandfather’s unwavering faith, but soon fears he’ll have to lose his religion to find God.

Life In All Of Its Beauty And Suffering
This is a collection of short stories and poetry that take an incisive look at life and morality through the suffering and grief we all face, and the renewal of faith, the personal and spiritual growth that suffering confers on us, even when we don’t recognize it ourselves. The works collected here examine the highs and lows in life and finds the deep, abiding sense of hope in the goodness of life that remains through it all!

This song’s sensibility, imagery and message all
seem perfectly tailored for my books!
“When you realize how perfect everything is you will
tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.”

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